Valve is more profitable per employee than Google or Apple

Valve, the company behind games such as Team Fortress 2 and Portal and the very successful computer games distribution platform Steam, claim to be more profitable per employee than Google or Apple. This is pretty good, since Google has about 24 400 employees and made a profit of 6,5 billion dollars in the year 2009. With simple math, you can calculate how much that is per employee, which is around 270 thousand dollars of profit per employee. Although Valve Corporation has only 250 employees, this means that the make at least 66 million dollar profit in a year. At least, I would assume that the real number is a lot higher.

Personally I am not a huge fan of Valve’s games, but I do know they have a strong fan base. They operate the Steam, which is a must have software for any PC gamer. Steam is probably the source of most of their revenue. Valve tends to value their customers more than other companies around by providing a constant amount of updates even to their old titles. They also host the communities around the games and try to collect as much as possible data from their customers.

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